Animorphs Animated


Animorphs Animated is a 3 minute animated short which is created by Issam S. It is based on the book series Animorphs created by K.A. Applegate (more info on that in the side bar). The project took roughly 8 weeks of time to plan and produce. It is a flash based animation in which where all the drawings for characters, models, and animals were created from scratch.

This site is used to highlight this fan project with various different sections displayed on the side. Please feel free to look around, share the site with other fans, and leave us a comment once you're done. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Animorphs is the owned property of Scholastic Inc and KA Applegate. This is a fan project and I am in no way claiming these characters as mine. However, if you do use any pictures, drawings, videos, or any content originating from this site, then please ask my permission first, and give this site full credit and a link back. All rights reserved.
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