Animorphs Animated



What tools did you use for this project?

The storyboards were all inked by hand, while all of the models for the characters, ships, and animals were drawn digitally right on the computer using Adobe Illustrator CS. It was all then imported and animated in Macromedia Flash 8. It should also be noted that all images in this project are vector based, and everything was drawn from scratch.


Is this a real project? Will this show be on TV?

No, this is strictly a fan project, with no actual intent of being produced as an actual show. Consider it as a short promo if the series was ever actually pitched. The idea behind this animation project was to bring the Animorphs series back with some stylistic animation that had not been done before, as way to summarize the series in the alloted 3 minutes given.


How long did it take to complete this project?

This was a term project for my Graphic Design classes. Initial planning with storyboards took about one to two weeks, while actual production time took another 5 weeks to digitally illustrate and animate. Many of the models for the characters and designs were changed several times before they were settled into what you see now.


Why is everything in black & white?

The black and white was a stylistic choice I went for based on Frank Miller's work on Sin City, a popular series of graphic novels which were drawn in a similar fashion. Much of of my insipiration came from there, however it altered and changed into some of my own style as the project carried forward.


Where can I learn more about Animorphs?

Aside from this project, I also currently run a fan site for Animorphs, which now acts as an archive for the series. The site is called Hirac Delest, and you can visit it at


Disclaimer: Animorphs is the owned property of Scholastic Inc and KA Applegate. This is a fan project and I am in no way claiming these characters as mine. However, if you do use any pictures, drawings, videos, or any content originating from this site, then please ask my permission first, and give this site full credit and a link back. All rights reserved.
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