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Animorphs is a book series based on 5 ordinary kids who witness an alien spacecraft crash in an abandoned construction site. It is here that Jake, Rachel, Marco, Cassie and Tobias meet Prince Elfangor of the Andalite Homeworld who has suffered with fatal wounds from the battle above Earth's atmosphere.

Elfangor warns them of the danger that their planet is under. A silent invasion has already been begun by the Yeerks, a parasatic species that crawls into the brain of their host and takes over their body, completely overiding any freewill that the host may possess. They have conquered several races already and now they are moving towards Earth.

Prince Elfangor's race, the technologically advanced Andalites, have been doing everything they can to stop the Yeerks, but they are losing the war. The Andalite forces are spread far too thin among the galaxy as the Yeerks take more and more planets. By the time any help comes, the Yeerks will easily have taken Earth as their next target.

In his final moments, Elfangor gives the five teens a weapon and a chance for them to save their planet by slowing down the invasion long enough until help arrives. He gives them the alien Andalite power to morph. With this power they can now touch any living creature to acquire its DNA pattern and then become that creature for a total of 2 hours.

The Andalite, Prince Elfangor, soon dies after at the hand of Visser Three, the leader of the Yeerk invasion, protecting the five teens as they hide from the Yeerk forces. It is here that the adventure of Animorphs begins.

The series involves stories of these five kids as they fight in a guerrilla warfare against the Yeerks. Left on their own, and with no one to trust, they must fight in a silent war against an enemy that can be anywhere and anybody until help arrives. The series deals with many themes such as slavery, death, and the morals of humanity and war.

The first Animorphs book was released by K.A. (Katherine) Applegate on June 1996, and after 54 regular books, 4 Megamorphs, 4 Chronicles, and 2 Alternamorphs, a TV Series, and an incredible supply of merchandise (transformers, games, etc...) , the series ended with its last book in May 2001.

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Jake is the type of guy that you just look up to for advice. The kind of person who you know will know what to do when something's wrong. That's the kind of guy Jake is; that's how he became the reluctant, responsible, or as how Marco calls him, the "fearless leader" of the Animorphs.

Although he never placed himself as the official leader of the Animorphs, he was chosen (in more ways that one). He shows a sense of responsibility and confidence that allows the other Animorphs to follow him willingly, even when he often doesn't feel so himself.

Throughout the series Jake deals with many tough decisions, often those that involve life and death scenerios of his best friends. Although stress takes its toll at times, he quickly learns to use the rest of the team's ability at hand in the fight against the Yeerks, using their strengths and weaknesses to better serve in their struggle to survive until help arrives.

While he wants nothing more than to save his brother Tom, Jake becomes a prominent figure against the Yeerks, as the last standing army between them and the enslavement of the human race.

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While at first she may seem like a one note character, caring only for shopping and accessories, you'll quickly realize the mistake you've made as she pins you to the ground and makes you cry 'Uncle' before you can even wonder how wrong you really were.

Smart, beautiful, and incredibly reckless is best used to describe her. Nicknamed "Xena: Warrior Princess" by Marco, she's always the first to accept a mission; any mission. The first to say "I'm in" or "Let's do it!".

Rachel lives for the war and the thrill of the fight. Often quick to anger and judgement, as the series carries on, we see a much darker side to her as she becomes more driven in accomplishing the tasks at hand, and making sure that anyone on the wrong side pays dearly for messing with her friends, family, and planet.

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Often the one to burst out a joke, whether they're walking around or fighting for their lives, Marco is the one who often deals the laughter to the group, whether they want it or not. He'd rather die laughing than crying, but don't let that fact fool you: Marco deals with the harsh realities of war just as much as the other Animorphs, and at times even more so than what he really decides to show at face value.

When the war first began, Marco was the farthest one away from willing to join the fight, often criticizing at the insanity of it all, and the risk involving their families. However, once he learned the truth: that his mother (long persumed dead) was actually a host of Visser One, the highest ranking Visser in the Yeerk Empire, he chose to stay and fight to save her. This caused problems because as the war escalated further and further, Eva (Marco's mother) became a near impossible task to save as long as Visser One controlled the body.

While Marco may be the comic relief of the group, he proves himself to be a quick thinker and an excellent strategist by often being the one who opts to consider the clear harsh reality from point A to point B when no one else does; noting and planning what is best to win the war. Not willing to back down, and focusing entirely on a strategic stand point, he decided to be the one to kill his mother and get rid of Visser One even against the wishes of his fellow Animorphs.

As the series progresses further, Marco evolves in many ways, often showing his ambition and the responsibility he's willing to take in order to save his family and friends, and showcasing the talents that he possesses from a tactical standpoint to help win the war, all while cracking a joke.

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Cassie is the type of person who always supports that bit of conscience and set of morals that everyone knows they ought to have. She may not be the most popular one in the group, but she is far from worrying about something as trivial as that.

As part of the Animorphs, Cassie provides the others with many domestic animal morphs from her rehabilitation clinic for sick animals, and at other times much more dangerous and exotic morphs through the Gardens that her mom works at.

Throughout the series Cassie represents the moral guide that the Animorphs must take as they fight the war. Often they are thrust into situations where right and wrong seem as obsolete as the side they fight for. Cassie struggles with the war more than anyone else as she tries to keep her morals true, for fear that she might lose herself and her friends to becoming as ruthless as the Yeerks they fight.

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Tobias quickly became a symbol for the Animorphs, and of the deadly curse that their morphing power holds, after he became trapped as red-tailed hawk.

Out of all of the Animorphs, he is the one who has suffered with a most dramatic fate. After passing the 2 hour limit and being trapped as a Nothlit for the rest of his life, Tobias struggled for a long time with his place in the world, as neither a human, nor a hawk.

As a human, Tobias was a quiet person, often shy and easily picked on. With no family to take care of him, and being tossed back and forth between relatives, he quickly learned to take care of himself, and out grew from his shell to being more confident as he became part of the Animorphs. It is still uncertain as to whether his transformation as a Nothlit was intentional or not as a means to escape his human life, but his will to fight the the Yeerks still remained strong throughout the series

Eventually as the series carried on, Tobias achieved many notable tasks such as creating the first free Hork-Bajir Colony since the Yeerks enslaved the race. Through the Ellimist's help, he was able to bargain a deal and have his morphing ability returned to him and a chance to morph back to his original human self. Although Tobias could return back to being human permanently by passing the 2 hour limit again and by sacrificing his morphing ability, he chose not to in order to stay in the fight with the rest of the Animorphs.

Also, along with being united with an unexpected uncle (Ax) as Elfangor's son, Tobias was able to move on from his former human life and focus his sights towards the war. Tobias became willing to prove himself by being the Animorphs eye in the sky, often scouting for trouble, providing surveillance, and following known controllers during the day while the rest of the Animorphs stayed in school.

His fight alongside with the rest of the Animorphs made a difference in the generations to come, for both humans and hork-bajir alike.

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Ax is the last and final member to join the group after the Animorphs rescued him from a sucken Andalite Dome Ship that had crashed into the ocean. His greatest asset is that he provides many explanations and solutions to the Animorphs problems, especially of those on the technical side.

Ax is also the only alien in the group, and in this case it's more than just a metaphor. He doesn't understand human behaviour or their sense of humor, but he does learn to adapt, and eventually, trust them through the help of the Animorphs.

Being an alien, however, he is also the only one with the most experience and knowledge with other alien technologies, and thus becomes their most useful resource when it comes to bypassing and configuring Human and Yeerk technology for the Animorphs needs. At the same time he also helps the Animorphs by staying in Andalite form through their battles. This helps to keep the masquerade of the Animorphs being 'Andalite Bandits' to the Yeerks rather than Human.

He is also extremely loyal, especially to his people. However, once he learns of Elfangor's death, he is burdened by his duty of avenging his brother's killer: Visser Three. He places himself under Jake's command (or as he calls him: "Prince Jake"). Although his loyalty is tested a few times against his people and the Animorphs, he chooses to stay by their side until the end of the war.

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