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Premiering on Saturday Sept 19th at the Imperial Theatre!



Played by DREW WHITE


Drew White is an Alumni of the Randolph Academy for the Performing Arts in Toronto Ontario where he studied musical theatre. He has been acting since childhood and started his career doing print ad modelling work as a child. Acting has always been in him. He collaborated on and acted in several independent films in Ontario, Canada. His first was a five minute black and white short called Curse of the Zombie in which he single-handedly battled a zombie in a decaying barn. Upon moving to Sarnia he met with Mark Tetreault and the cast and crew of Ugly Lights, fitting into the role of mentor in the character "Ollie", then parlaying into the role of Bruce in The Comic Book Store Series.


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Seth Preston is as cosmopolitan as they come ladies and gentlemen. After graduating from Laurentian University Seth had full intentions of establishing himself as a rock drummer with his band Sasparilla. But with the untimely demise of that effort, the next logical step seemed to be acting. Seth is now employing his flippant sense of humour on the set of The Comic Book Store--the series, in which he also contributes to writing and producing. His next venture will be out west to Saskatoon, where he hopes to finally use his geography degree to his benefit.


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Vanessa Spence grew up in Tillsonburg and became involved in the Otter Valley Play House Community Theatre in grade 9 1999. Starting out with the smallest of parts surrounded by encouragement and caring role models pursued acting with enthusiasm. Vanessa became involved in Teen Theatre every year until she moved to Sarnia. The Comic Book Store: Series is the first sitcom production Vanessa has been involved in.


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Hailey McHarg has enjoyed being involved in local films and theatrical productions acting, writing, co-directing, as well as learning light, sound costume and set design since 2003. Hailey owns her own business 'Hailey McHarg Photography' located in The Energy Exchange Building just around the corner from Future Pastimes in downtown Sarnia. Hailey's next big adventure: 'TABOO' takes place at Gallery Lambton during the greatest weekend of the year... ARTWALK! June 6&7 2009.


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A nerd from birth, Doug has lived most of his life in Sarnia, Ontario. He began acting in high school and has been involved in local community theatre for twelve years, winning the Player’s Guild Award for an Outstanding Performance by an Actor in a Supporting Role at the 2009 Western Ontario Drama League festival in Woodstock. He’s only recently ventured into the world of low-budget filmmaking, an area in which he hopes to continue. But his real passion is for writing, and he’s proud to have finished his first screenplay which began production last summer.

Doug’s hobbies include playing old school video games, watching the same DVDs over and over again, and playing guitar. At any given time, Doug can likely be found at his computer, creating expansive timelines for fictional realities, contributing to a wiki devoted to archiving every little piece of information pertaining to the television series 24, debating fanboys about minutae, or sleeping. He also has a passing knowledge of the Klingon language. ’ej lalDan vIpar. And yes, he has a real job.


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A Sarnia native, Trent opened Future Pastimes in 1992 after being unable to find regular work in his chosen field – film and television production. Thanks to Mark and The Comic Book Store he is now able to combine his two loves as a Producer, plus a member of both cast and crew, of a series set in his store.


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Tetreault was born and raised in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada, growing up with a love of music and film. He produced several short films, often as gifts for friends and family. Typically shot and edited himself with extremely poor production quality (VHS to VHS), these short films demonstrate Tetreault's quirky and awkward sense of humor, as well as his sense of comedic timing in editing. The Comic Book Store-the series, is the first full- length sitcom Tetreault has had the opportunity to Produce.

With a vast background in music and production, Mark is also supervising the shows music, both performing and producing the majority of songs himself.


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