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Premiering on Saturday Sept 19th at the Imperial Theatre!



The Comic Book Store: The Series is a look into the lives of three quirky and endearing characters who all work at Future Pastimes; a local comic book shop.


When free comic book day approaches, Bruce (Drew White) prepares for the worst. With the recent boom in superhero movies, comic book sales are at an all time high and online sales have forced a busy Bruce to hire some help, so he can have a life outside the store.

Seth (Seth Preston), Bruce's right hand geek, then sets off to find a new protege to help keep things on track. Enter Jodie (Vanessa Spence). Beating out dozens of fan boys for the position, Jodie's professional attitude and all around nerdery are a perfect fit for Seth's work life requirements (and perhaps his personal life requirements as well....).

Funny, absurd, and unsuspectingly heart-warming, this show will leave viewers with plenty to ponder and chat about.

Get awkward, get anxious, get endeared, get weirded out,



Saturday Sept 19th at the Imperial Theatre!


Copyright © 2009 Sprowt Studios. The persons and events in this motion picture are fictitious and any similarity to actual persons or events is unintentional. This show is intended as a parody and entertainment. Endorsement towards any specific comic book title or company, or copyright on any terms or property, is not intended or implied.

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